OEE Installation in Dubai

burjOur engineer has just returned from a successful installation of an OEE data collection system in Dubai.

The touch screen PC based system collects information via sensors on  a folding machine in a major printing comapny. Data such as Good Copy, Bad Copy, Setting / Good Production is collated by the system and transformed into statistical data which is used to monitor the efficiency of the machine and operators.

The system also integrates into the businesses management software allowing the ordering of raw materials and the scheduling of jobs to be automated. Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !



 Athens Theatre Special Effect

Wolf were called in to setup a 'special effect' in the largest show venue in Athens Greece.

The effect involved  dropping two large show curtains and 'flying' them through the venue, over the heads of the audience for Nikos Vertis 2009 show.

The unfinished control panel was already on site when we arrived, unfortunately there was no software and the Mitsubishi inverters (FR-A520--5.5) required configuration.

We programmed the Koyo DL06 PLC to orchestrate the effect sequence and control the speed of the 5.5kw winches, Chabuki (kabuki)  release devices were used to drop the curtains before the winches accelerated to full speed in half a second. The curtains fly over the heads of the audience at a speed of 20ft/second. Obviously the timing of the drop and wind up is important to avoid dropping the curtains onto the audience.

Using our industrial automation experience we were able to hit the ground running and even though there was only a couple of days available, the effect was ready for opening night. Once again our engineer displayed the versatility of Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !

Wolf Automation Commissioning in Russia

straightenerWolf were asked to commission a copper tube straightening machine in Revda Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Russia.

When we arrived on site to setup the Bronx machine, we found that it hadn't even been wired. We were able to source cable locally and connect the machine to the manufacturers drawings before commissioning the S7-300 based control system that utilised a WinCC front end, the positioning system utilised profibus mounted absolute encoders.

We stayed on site during a whole week of production trials. Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


Bosch Rexroth Servo Ejector System

indradriveWolf were tasked with producing a servo control system to control two actuators which divert steel section from a conveyor to a packing station.

Wolf used the new Bosch Rexroth Indradrive with integrated PLC along with a VCP08  HMI. This simple point to point application gave us the chance to acquaint ourselves with some of the latest technology form Bosch Rexroth.

Once again Wolf designed, built, programmed, installed and commissioned the system. Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !



High Speed Hydraulic Control System

handlWolf completed the installation of a  high speed hydraulic punching unit for a blue chip manufacturer of strut products. The unit controls the impression of the companies name into the product synchronising with the crank press that pierces the product. The hydraulic system supplied by H&L Hydraulics (Voith Turbo) is able to apply 20 tonnes of stamping pressure and cycles at a rate of over 5hz. Wolf designed the control system to drive and monitor the hydraulic control card and hydraulic power pack, we also integrated the system to the existing press and Indramat roll feed system. Plans are in place to duplicate the system later this year.  Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


 Automation for OIL Tankers Fuel System

taneaOur engineer has just completed the  commissioning of the software we created for the automatic fuel changeover system on two oil tanker vessels in Amsterdam.

New European legislation means that all ships have to burn Low Sulpher Deisel Oil rather than the standard Heavy Fuel Oil while in port. New tanks pipework and valves have to be added as well as modifications to the boiler burners. In this case automation was added so that the changeover can be made safely from the engine control room at the push of a button. A Mitsubishi FX3u was implemented along with FX2n-2AD modules to enable the reading of flow meters in the fuel lines. The control is operated and monitored from a Mitsubishi E1100 HMI. Feedback from valves and motor starters as well as fuel flow can be easily monitored on the screen. An alarm list has also been generated to integrate with the existing vessel management system.

Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


 Truck Washer Back In Action

truck-washWe were called in to iron out problems in a recently installed lorry washing machine in Caimbridgeshire. The machine is based around a Fanuc VersaMax Micro PLC and had been programmed using GE's Proficy program. Despite the poor programming techniques used by the developer we were quickly able to detect and rectify the errors that were causing the problems. We specialise in fault finding control systems and are able to use most PLC's to quickly get to the bottom of the problem.
Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


Tube Former Success

tubesWolf Automation replaced the controls and drive system on an existing tube cutting and forming machine.

The machine takes long lengths of stainless steel tube and cuts and shapes them into various different styles of heater modules.

Wolf engineers realised that the problems with the machine were mostly generated by the control system and so the mechanical system was refurbished saving many thousands of pounds on the job. The existing stepper motors were replaced with DC servo motors and gearheads which improved the reliability and repeatability of the system. A motion control system and HMI were added bringing the machine into the 21st century and easing operation.

Due to the success of the the refurbishment, the same is now pending on 2 more machines for the same customer, a multinational manufacturer of special heaters and controls. Wolf Automation specialise in retro fitting control systems to existing machines improving quality, production, reliability and saving thousands of pounds against buying a new machine. Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


 Rolling Mill Control System

Wolf Automation have completed on a brand new control system for a Cold Roll Forming line in the Midlands of Great Britain.

The control system utilises a Mitsubishi FX PLC, Indramat (Bosch Rexroth) servos, Control Techniques Mentor II 350Kw DC drive and CT commander SK inverters.

The system controls and automates all parts of the line, Decoiler, Rollfeed, Pierce Punching Press, 2 Accumulator pits, Rolling Mill, Flying Cutoff with High speed hydraulics, Runoff conveyer and Product Ejector system to deliver the products to the operator.

Wolf designed, built, programmed, installed and commissioned the line, on time and on budget. We deliver High-spec, High-quality, value for money solutions.  Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


 Lloyds Bank Generator Backup System

Wolf Automation visited Lloyds TSB in Bristol recently to fault find on their backup generators.

The system has two generators aswell as a UPS system and the whole thing is monitored by 3 24v Mitsubishi F2-60MR PLC's.

We were able to interrogate the software with the old MEDOC software F2-20 GF1 and SC-03 interfaces to quickly find the cause of the problem on the system. Due to the importance of this system to the entire banking system we had to carry out all works between 6pm and midnight on a Saturday evening.

Wolf Automation - Any Application - Any Where !


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